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This HOPE Scholarship Application must be completed before eligibility can be determined. Please contact us at info@hopeafterpolygamy.org if you have any questions, we are excited to assist you!

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Please share the name and contact information of any references who are supporting you out of polygamy. We are looking for references that can help Hope After Polygamy understand your resources and needs in determining scholarship eligibility.

GED and Certificate HOPE Scholars will be notified of their award status within 4 weeks of submitting the application.

Higher education scholarships will be awarded 3 times each year with application deadlines of  

  • December 1st (awarded in January)

  • May 1st (awarded in June)

  • August 1st (awarded in September)

Higher education HOPE Scholars will be notified of their award status 6-8 weeks after the upcoming application deadline from which you applied. 

Hope After Polygamy Scholarships will be granted at the sole and absolute discretion of Hope After Polygamy.  HOPE Scholarships will be awarded based upon merit and available funding resources. HOPE Scholarships will be dispersed directly to your schooling institution first before being directly dispersed to you.