The "Angels" That Helped Us

Many of you have asked how did we get out of polygamy, who helped us, who were the heroes and angels in our journey’s? Then further ask, how can I help someone that I know who is in polygamy or has a history in a polygamous group? The answers to these questions are complicated as you learn more about the journey leaving polygamy, you will see how complex and layered this experience is. There isn’t a one size fits all answer as everyone’s journey is unique. So if you know someone in polygamy or from polygamy and want to know how you can help then just extend human connection, care about them, be genuine and show them what unconditional love looks like. The following is a brief account of the “angels” along our individual journey’s out of polygamy who helped empower us toward our independence. These are also the experiences that are helping us shape the services of Hope After Polygamy. Leaving polygamy is a lonely process so the support of others anywhere along the journey can go a long way for someone even if it’s just reminding them that the “outsiders” of polygamy aren’t the evil people of the world that many were programmed to believe.

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